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3.0 BUG A SALT Reverse Yellow Salt Gun Gel Ball Blaster

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Hello, due to the special toy gun products, the transportation time of different countries is different, 
and the delivery time in some countries takes 60-90 days. 
Please carefully refer to the transportation time table before purchasing. 
If you cannot accept long-term transportation, please purchase with caution.

          Shipping time table    
Nation                Transportation timen
Russia-------------------20-25 days
United States-----------20-25 days
Canada-----------------20-25 days
Spain-------------------20-25 days
France------------------20-25 days
United Kingdom--------20-25 days
Netherlands-------------20-25 days
Israel---------------------20-25 days
Brazil---------------------20-25 days
Australia------------------7-22 days
Ukraine------------------60-90 days
Belarus-------------------60-90 days
Italy----------------------20-25 days
Germany-----------------20-25 days
Poland-------------------20-25 days
Turkey-------------------60-90 days
Portugal-----------------20-25 days
Ireland-------------------20-25 days
Austria-------------------60-90 days
Belgium------------------20-25 days
Denmark-----------------60-90 days
Finland-------------------60-90 days
Czech Republic----------60-90 days
Latvia--------------------60-90 days
Lithuania----------------60-90 days
Norway-----------------20-25 days
Sweden-----------------60-90 days
Switzerland-------------60-90 days
Slovakia-----------------60-90 days
Hungary-----------------60-90 days
new Zealand------------20-25 days


This patented salt shooting, insect eradication device will decimate the common housefly, lantern flies, and other soft-bodied pest insects on contact. Uses ordinary table salt as ammo!

Improved sighting on the results in better accuracy to decimate mosquitos, roaches, moths, and poisonous spiders.

Re-Engineered salt shooting internal mechanism allows for greater reliability, durability, and lasting power.

Smoother spring on the cocking mechanism makes for easy operation. Automatic safety (resets every time) is recommended for those with small children or pets in the home.

Non-toxic, accurate within three feet,For use by responsible adults only.
3.0 is stronger and better structured than version 2.0




Type: Toy Submachine Gun

Recommend Age: 7-12y

Recommend Age: 4-6y

Recommend Age: 18+

Recommend Age: 12+y

Origin: CN(Origin)

Material: EVA

Gender: Unisex

Features: Electronic

Certification: CE

Certificate Number: CCI200900094CER

CE: Certificate

Brand Name: Drunk butterfly